Events are about communication. They can be the most engaging way to experience a brand or a company and therefore be one of the most powerful communication tools you can have. But what makes an event successful? Is it the venue? The food? The entertainment? Well it is all of those things and more – it’s the experience. A successful event is a memorable event for all the right reasons. It gets people talking beyond the night and recalling the experience as a fond memory.

Here are some tips to make sure your next event is a memorable one.

1 : WHY

Ask yourself why am I holding this event? Why should anyone attend? What will they see and experience at this event that I can’t communicate through an email or phone call? If you don’t have the answer then rethink your event. An unveiling, an opportunity to experience a new product or service, network with others – all of these can make having an event a worthwhile experience.

2 : WHAT

What is the purpose of this event? Is it to generate new business, fundraise, get people talking about a product, change people’s perceptions or behaviours? Set an objective but be honest and realistic about that objective and make sure it is measurable.

3 : WHO

Who am I inviting to this event – in putting together that invitation list you may want to consider potential employees, prospective business partners, media or influencers in your industry.


Where will the event be held? Consider venues that are convenient to the audience, are accessible for cars and public transport, offer credible and quality catering options and fit with the theme and style of the event and are self contained.

5 : WHEN

What day of the week, what time of the day – breakfast, lunch or after work – when are your guests most likely to be able to attend. Take into consideration external factors – for example you don’t want to hold the event the day after a public holiday – people may extend their time off, you can’t send a reminder the day before nor chase any last minute items. Is it school holidays and do my guests have children and are likely to be away?

6 : WOW

Add the WOW factor – great events are unique, attract media attention, are remembered. The only limit is your imagination and the ability and resources to develop a concept into reality. You have a captive audience. Use your event wisely to create the right memories.

Every aspect of an event reinforces your brand or company message – so with each stage you plan ensure it reflects the qualities of your brand. The most successful events have the most impact – an event that is memorable and talked about will reach people who weren’t even there to experience it.

And finally, fail to plan and you will surely plan to fail.

Happy organising.